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MFAQ--Most Frequently Asked Questions:
"What's the 'Big Picture'?"

    2.3.1. Strong crypto is here. It is widely available.
    2.3.2. It implies many changes in the way the world works. Private
            channels between parties who have never met and who never
            will meet are possible. Totally anonymous, unlinkable,
            untraceable communications and exchanges are possible.
    2.3.3. Transactions can only be *voluntary*, since the parties are
            untraceable and unknown and can withdraw at any time. This
            has profound implications for the conventional approach of
            using the threat of force, directed against parties by
            governments or by others. In particular, threats of force
            will fail.
    2.3.4. What emerges from this is unclear, but I think it will be a
            form of anarcho-capitalist market system I call "crypto
            anarchy." (Voluntary communications only, with no third
            parties butting in.)

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