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Cypherpunks -- History, Organization, Agenda:
SUMMARY: Cypherpunks -- History, Organization, Agenda

    3.2.1. Main Points
           - Cypherpunks formed in September, 1992
           - formed at an opportune time, with PGP 2.0, Clipper, etc.
           - early successes: Cypherpunks remailers, publicity
    3.2.2. Connections to Other Sections
    3.2.3. Where to Find Additional Information
           - "Wired," issue 1.2, had a cover story on Cypherpunks.
           - "Whole Earth Review," Summer 1993, had a long article on
              crypto and Cypherpunks (included in the book "Out of
              Control," by Kevin Kelly.
           - "Village Voice," August 6th (?). 1993, had cover story on
              "Crypto Rebels" (also reprinted in local weeklies)
           - and numerous articles in various magazines
    3.2.4. Miscellaneous Comments
           - the best way to get a feel for the List is to simply read
              it for a while; a few months should do.

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