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Cyphernomicon 3.5

Cypherpunks -- History, Organization, Agenda:
Self-organizing Nature of Cypherpunks

    3.5.1. Contrary to what people sometimes claim, there is no ruling
            clique of Cypherpunks. Anybody is free to do nearly anything,
            just not free to commit others to course of action, or
            control the machine resources the list now runs on, or claim
            to speak for the "Cypherpunks" as a group (and this last
            point is unenforceable except through reptutation and social
    3.5.2. Another reason to be glad there is no formal Cypherpunks
            structure, ruling body, etc., is that there is then no direct
            target for lawsuits, ITAR vioalation charges, defamation or
            copyright infringement claims, etc.

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