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Cypherpunks -- History, Organization, Agenda:
Mechanics of the List

    3.6.1. Archives of the Cyperpunks List
           - Karl Barrus has a selection of posts at the site
    , available via
              gopher. Look in the "Cypherpunks gopher site" directory.
    3.6.2. "Why isn't the list sent out in encrypted form?"
           - Too much hassle, no additional security, would only make
              people jump through extra hoops (which might be useful, but
              probably not worth the extra hassle and ill feelings).
           - "We did this about 8 years ago at E&S using DEC VMS NOTES.
              We used a plain vanilla secret key algorithm and a key
              shared by all legitimate members of the group.  We could do
              it today -- but why bother?  If you have a key that
              widespread, it's effectively certain that a "wrong person"
              (however you define him/her) will have a copy of the key."
              [Carl Ellison, Encrypted BBS?, 1993-08-02]
    3.6.3. "Why isn't the list moderated?"
           - This usually comes up during severe flaming episodes,
              notably when Detweiler is on the list in one of his various
              personnas. Recently, it has not come up, as things have
              been relatively quiet.
           + Moderation will *not* happen
             - nobody has the time it takes
             - nobody wants the onus
             + hardly consistent with many of our anarchist leanings, is
               - (Technically, moderation can be viewed as "my house, my
                  rules, and hence OK, but I think you get my point.)
           - "No, please let's not become a 'moderated' newsgroup.  This
              would be the end of freedom!  This is similar to giving the
              police more powers because crime is up.  While it is a
              tactic to fight off the invaders, a better tactic is
              knowledge." [, alt.gathering.rainbow, 1994-
    3.6.4. "Why isn't the list split into smaller lists?"
           - What do you call the list outages?
           + Seriously, several proposals to split the list into pieces
              have resulted in not much
             - a hardware group...never seen again, that I know of
             - a "moderated cryptography" group, ditto
             - a DC-Net group...ditto
             - several regional groups and meeting planning groups,
                which are apparently moribund
             - a "Dig Lib" group...ditto
             - use Rishab's comment:
             + Reasons are clear: one large group is more successful in
                traffic than smaller, low-volume groups...out of sight,
                out of mind
               - and topics change anyway, so the need for a
                  "steganography" mailing list (argued vehemently for by
                  one person, not Romana M., by the way) fades away when
                  the debate shifts. And so on.
    3.6.5. Critical Addresses, Numbers, etc.
           + Cypherpunks archives sites
             - soda
             - mirror sites
           - ftp sites
           - PGP locations
           - Infobot at Wired
           -; "help" as message body
    3.6.6. "How did the Cypherpunk remailers appear so quickly?"
           - remailers were the first big win...a weekend of Perl

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